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Hiring Processing
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Oxford Recruiting process
Send or email resume with recent photo to Oxford Education
Step1 Fill out the official application form and send or email to Oxford Education
Step2 Interview with Oxford Education and prepare interview with employer
Step3 Both parties agree on the working condition
Step4 Applicants send required documents for E2 visa application to Oxford Education

-Required documents including (1.criminal background check with Apostille /2.diploma/3.sealed transcript/4.resume/ 5.self health statement/6.4 passport sized photo/7.copy of passport/ ) for visa processing


-You must obtain a criminal record check from your local police station it cannot be older than 6 months. Once the police certificate is received, it (along with your bachelor's degree)must be verified by your local Korean consulate in Canada. (Americans, South Africans, New Zealanders, Australians and UK must get their criminal check apostillied).


Step5 Oxford Education apply for 1) Visa issuance or 2) notice of appointment with employer


-1.visa issuance number / if you apply for the individual school or private ELS institute position We are supposed to apply Visa issuance number to the Immigration to get Visa issuance number for your E2 visa


-2.notice of appointment / if you apply for Metropolitan city or Province Office of Education position(SOME, EPIK,GEPIK, JEPIK, CEPIK) You are supposed to apply Notice of apponitment to Metropolitan city or Province Office of Education to get the Notice of Appointment for your E2 visa

Step6 Oxford Education send you visa issuance number or notice of appointment
Step7 Apply visa at the Korean nearest embassy or Korean consulate in your country

Required Documents:


1.Visa issuance number or notice of appointment


2.Actual Passport


3.Visa Application form


4.6 Color passport size photos


5.Check or money order (Please check with consulate)


-All teaching candidates must arrange an interview with their nearest Korean Embassy/Consulate before obtaining the E2 Vusa
But If you have the notice of appointment you may get E2visa by mail. Please check to Korean consulate

Step8 Reserve your air ticket and get E2 visa at the Korean embassy or consulate
Step9 You arrive at the airport and Oxford Education send you to employer

-Once in Korea, your school director will take you to a clinic/hospital and tested for illegal drugs and HIV.
If anything is found in your system, you will be sent home and will be responsible for any costs occurred by your hiring process.

Step10 Register your alien card with your employer after starting work