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Required Document For Visa
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1.Required Documents for E2 visa

  • An original degree certificate or a degree notarized by Korean    consulate or a notarized copy of your degree certificate with an    Apostille.
  • A sealed transcript (It must be sealed)
  • A copy of passport
  • 4 passport sized photos
  • A resume with cover letter
  • A copy of employment contract signed by employer and you
  • Health Statement form- a doctor's signature is not required.( down load )
  • Police Background Check and Apostille
 - For the public school positions (SMOE, EPIK) in addition to the above . We need your 
- (If applicable) Copies of certification (teacher certificate, TESOL, etc),
- (If applicable) Proof of teaching/work experience
- Two reference letters
- Lesson plan( download ) if you apply for SOME public school position

The process to get E2 visa normally takes about 3-4 weeks


2. how to prepare essential documents

1. degree

A. Original degree (Bachelor or higher degree in any field) - It will be returned to you upon your arrival.

B .If you wish not to send your original diploma ask if your Korean consulate notarizes diplomas. If they don't you must send your original or Apostilled copy of degree

C.SMOE(Seoul metropolitan Office of Education) require Apostilled copy of degree or Notarized one by Korean consulate

2. 3 sealed transcript

A  The Immigration Office requires that your transcripts arrive double-sealed from your university. The transcripts must be sealed within an envelope, and the envelope must be sealed as well, and have a stamp, a seal or registrar's signature written overtop the glued envelope.

B Why do you need 3?

  • One transcript will be needed at the Korean Immigration office
  • Some countries(especially Canada) will be require one sealed transcript when you get your documents notarized/apostilled.
  • One transcript will be required by the Korean Consulate when registering your visa application

Transcripts do not have to be sent directly from your University to your employer. You may request them to be sent to yourself and then you may submit together with all other documents you send to Korea

Important : Make sure that there is a University seal, signature or stamp over the glued flap of the envelope. Failure of following instructions will cause rejection by the immigration office.


3.  criminal back ground check

    Request for an official statewide or local criminal record check (CRC) from a nearby police station or sheriff's department. No need to get a federal criminal check. Online criminal records are not accepted even if they are apostilled. It must be an official criminal check issued by a police officer.
    • UK citizens are to required to request for a Subject Access Application form through the police.
    • Australia/New Zealand - Contact State level Police Station and/or Civil Court for your CRC
    Get your CRC notarized at a notary public first before submitting it to apostille office

What do you mean by Apostille?

An appostille or postil is a seal applied by the Department of State to authenticate a document in a foreign country in order to assess the authenticity of an official signature. An Apostille can be used if both countries (the country issuing the document and the country in which the document will be used) are part of the international "The Hague Apostille Convention." The Convention provides for the simplified certification of public (including notarized) documents to be used in countries that have joined the convention. Under the Hague Convention, signatory countries have agreed to recognize public documents issued by other signatory countries if those public documents are authenticated by the attachment of an internationally recognized form of authentication known as an "apostille." The apostille ensures that public documents issued in one signatory country will be recognized as valid in another signatory country.

Apostille Organizations: (click below)


UK : Download form 3019B at http://www.met.police.uk . To receive apostille, submit criminal background check to http://www.fco.gov.uk

CANADA: Canada does not issue an apostille, thus Canadian citizens are to get your criminal background checks notarized at a Korean Consulate instead. The Korean Consulates in Canada will only notarize documents that are first notarized at a Notary Public

1. How to get Criminal Background Check (click here)
2. How to get Criminal Background Check done in Korea (teachers in Korea) (click here)
3. Your embassy in Korea (click here)

4. Korean consulate ( click here )
--------- more ( Ministry of Foreign Affairs and trade (click here))


1. How to get criminal back ground check

1. USA
Criminal Background Check CBC: Where to get it

There are two ways to get a CBC.  It depends on the how fast you need one and where you're located.
1.  You can go to your local police department and request your CBC at the station.  Don't forget you must request for a State Level CBC.  Depending on the state, you'll be required to get finger prints done at the station for the process.  After all the proper applications are fill out, you should get your CBC within 2-4 weeks depending on your location. ( Finger printing is required for CBC, if you're applying for a CBC )
2.  You can contact a company that does CBC.  You must be careful when you plan to use one of these companies.  Since majority of them aren't official CBC's, they do not do any detail background checks.  They usually use public records to gather the CBC.  These CBC's will not be accepted and will not be considered verification by the State or Korean Government.  There is only 1 company to our knowledge that does official CBC's.  They do cost quite a bit compared to getting one from the police department.  But they do all the hassle of getting your paperwork done for you.  Usually turnout is 2 weeks from initial application is turned in. Certain States still require finger printing and some States don't when you use an official CBC company.

Canadian Residents: To obtain a Vulnerable Sector Query or Criminal Background Check in Canada

To obtain a Vulnerable Sector Query or Criminal Background Check in Canada
Canadians should make inquiries at their nearest municipal, provincial or RCMP police detachment for the criminal record check. The criminal record check MUST include a vulnerable sector query.  (Sorry, local and county level are not accepted by Korean immigrations) 
These checks can be done at any police station as they are all run through the same database.
For a listing of your Police department in your local area please consult you local phone book of click here for an online directory > http://officer.com/links/Agency_Search/International_Agencies/Canada/index.html
Should you be in an area that is serviced by the RCMP you can check their contact details on the RCMP website
> http://www.rcmp.ca/index_e.htm  
*** The Royal Canadian Mounted Police is the Canadian national police service and an agency of the Ministry of Public Safety Canada. 
*** Your criminal record check will need to be notarized by the Korean Consulate and will be included in the fees for notarizing as described on the required documents page  ( Apostille is not available in

UK Residents: Vulnerable Sector Query or Criminal Background Check

To obtain a Vulnerable Sector Query or Criminal Background Check in UK  

Getting your E2 Visa to Teach in Korea from UK  





London - UK - Korea Consulate

60 Buckingham Gate, London SW1E 6AJ, UK

T:(0207) 227-5505

United Kingdom

  Getting your E2 Visa to Teach in Korea from Ireland

Dublin - Ireland- Korea Consulate

15 Clyde Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin, Ireland, 4

T:(353) 1 660-8800


United Kingdom/Ireland- Police report
This is also known as a Subject Access or Disclosure and must be dated within the last 12 months. A Subject Access is a summary of any data which is held about you on the National Police Computer (NPC). It is also sometimes known as an NPC check. Applicants based in Scotland or Northern Ireland should note that a Scottish Disclosure or Northern Ireland Subject Access will not be accepted on its own you must obtain a UK Police National Computer Subject Access. The check costs approximately L10 and takes about 10-20 days to be issued. You will be required to send documentation to prove your identity; details of acceptable proof should be provided on the application form which can be downloaded from your local Police forces website.

4.South Africa
South African Residents CBC

To get a Criminal Background Check for South Africians, you must go to Pertoria it's best to do it in person for fastest result.  If you mail it in, it'll take anywhere from 2-4 months.  If you take it in yourself it'll take only 2-3 weeks for the CBC.  You must go to this address 
271 Schoeman street
1st Floor Sanlam Place
West Building, Pertoria
0002 South Africa
Tel: 012-393-3712
contact person : Me Heloise Van Der Mescht 
After you get your CBC, you must take it to Foreign Affairs office in Pertoria to get your apostille.  You should be able to get it back on the same day.

Newzealand Residents CBC

Criminal Record Check Guideline ( New Zealand )
Due to provisions of the Privacy Act 1993, the Ministry requires a signed authority from you before we can access your information. The Ministry of Justice is unable to provide your information over the telephone. You must apply in writing on the correct form.
You can obtain the information about yourself by applying to the Privacy Unit of the Ministry of Justice. The request is made on the following application forms that are designed to ensure that the information you are requesting actually applies to you and not to another person.
1. Priv/F1 - Request by Individual
This form is used to determine eligibility under the Clean Slate criteria. The form may be used to obtain a full record of your criminal history held by the Ministry.
Download the form (PDF 207KB) to print a copy for your use by clicking on the following link: http://www.justice.govt.nz/privacy/request-by-individual.pdf
2. Priv/F2 – Request by Third Party
This form authorizes the release of the information to a third party e.g. another person or agency.
Download the form (PDF 207KB) to print a copy for your use by clicking on the following link: http://www.justice.govt.nz/privacy/request-by-third-party.pdf
3. Priv/F3 – Request by Third Party (Section 19 Exception to Criminal Records (Clean Slate) Act 2004)
This form provides for specific exceptions where a complete criminal record is required. The form is available in hard copy and can be obtained from your local District Court . Alternatively , you may ask for the applicable form to be sent to you by writing to:
The Privacy Unit
Ministry of Justice
National Office
PO Box 2750
Or by contacting a Privacy Assistant on telephone +64 (4) 918 8800, or fax +64 (4) 918 8974.
that you cannot obtain the information from the Office of the Privacy Commissioner. If you write to the Privacy Commissioner's Office, your letter will be referred to the Ministry of Justice.
This will delay the processing of your application.
Application requirements
Full instructions are on the forms. Please take particular care to complete all applicable sections of the form.
You need to complete the application form to enable the person accessing the records to be able to identify you correctly. Many people write a letter but do not give their date of birth or their full name.
This makes it almost impossible to identify the correct person and causes a delay while we obtain full identification information from you. The completed form will need to be signed by you and accompanied by a signed form of identification, specifically a photocopy of your passport or drivers license. Please do not send original identification.
Alternatively, a signed proof of identity (which is a section in the application form) will be accepted. Forms unaccompanied by suitable identification will not be processed, ultimately delaying your request for information.
Please forward the original application form only, as we are unable to accept faxed applications unless you have specific arrangements with the Ministry or reside overseas.
A copy of your application is kept for three months and is then destroyed. Your information is kept in a secure area which has restricted access.

Australia Residents CBC

This is a list for directions on obtaining police clearance certificates from Australia
• The 'Certificate of No Criminal Record' can be obtained by applying by mail to the following address:
Criminal Records Australian Federal Police at:
Locked Bag 1
Weston ACT 2611
• Provide a completed form 1101 , obtainable from the nearest DIMIA office or Australian mission overseas plus evidence of identity.
Resident applicants should provide a stamped self-addressed envelope.
Non-resident applicants should provide an international postal reply coupon.
Fee payable by bank cheque or international money order if non-resident.
Application is to be forwarded to:
The Visa Clerk Criminal Records Unit
P.O. Box 7777
Parramatta NSW 2124
All of the following must be supplied:
a) Full set of fingerprints taken and certified by any recognized police official.
b) Date of birth.
c) Country for which the certificate is required.
d) Name and address of the authority requesting the certificate.
e) International Bank Draft/Money Order in AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS for AUD 52.00 per person, made payable to the N.S.W. Police Service. Cheque is to have an endorsement to any Australian Bank.
Applications not providing all of the above will be returned.
This office takes 2-3 weeks to process applications



2.How to get Criminal Background Check done in Korea (teachers in Korea)

Apostille in Korea

If you are currently in Korea, you may get the apostille in Korea from a consulat stamp for your criminal background check. This will be accepted by the Korean immigration for certain countries, not all countries available. Please refer to list below.
Please contact  your country embassy in Korea and ask them if they can do it. Ask for the cost and see if an appointment is required. 
American Embassy in Korea
Tel: +82 (02) 397 4114
You should go in person
Yes, this service is provided
Australian Embassy in Korea
Tel: 02  2003 0100
British Embassy in Korea
Tel:+82 (02) 3210 5500
fee: 27 pounds (Approx. 52,000 won)
Canadian Embassy in Korea
Tel Seoul:  02 3783 6000
Busan: 051 204 5581
Ireland Embassy in Korea

Tel: 02 774 6455
Yes, this service is provided
New Zealand Embassy in Korea
Tel: 02  3701 7700
No, New Zealand Embassy does not provide this service. You must get the Apostille in New Zealand.

South Africa Embassy in Korea
Tel: 02  792 4855
Yes, this service is provided

3.Your Embassy. (click below)

USA Citizens
Canadian Citizens
British Citizens http://www.britishembassy.gov.uk/servlet/Front?pagename=OpenMarket/Xcelerate/ShowPage&c=Page&cid=1093348568357
Irish Citizens
Australian Citizens
New Zealand Citizens
South African Citizens



4. Korean consulate

America (10) Australia (4) Canada (4)
China (3) Ireland (1) Japan (9)
New Zealand (2) South Africa (1) United Kingdom (1)
Korean Consulates in the United States
  Korean Embassy in Washington D.C.
2450 Massachusetts Avenue, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20008
TEL: (202) 939-5600∼3
FAX: (202) 797-0595
Jurisdiction: Washington D.C ,Virginia, Maryland
Korean Consulate General in New York
335 E. 45th St, New York, NY 10017
TEL: (646) 674-6000
Jurisdiction: Connecticut, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia
Korean Consulate General in San Francisco
3243 Wiltshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90010
TEL: (213) 385-9300
FAX: (213) 385-1849
Jurisdiction: Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, South California
Korean Consulate General in Los Angeles
3243 Wiltshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90010
TEL: (213) 385-9300
FAX: (213) 385-1849
Jurisdiction: Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, South California
Korean Consulate General in Boston
One Gateway Center 2nd Floor, Newton, MA 02458
TEL: (617) 641-2830
FAX: (617) 641-2831
Jurisdiction: New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont
Korean Consulate General in Atlanta
229 Peachtree Street, International Tower, Atlanta, GA 30303
TEL: (404) 522-1611
Jurisdiction: Atlanta, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee
Korean Consulate General in Chicago
NBC Tower Suite 2700, 455 North Cityfront Plaza Dr. Chicago, IL, 60611
TEL: (312) 822-9485
FAX: (312) 822-9849
Jurisdiction: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, Wisconsin
Korean Consulate General in Houston
1990 Post Oak Blvd., #1250 Houston, TX 77056
TEL: (713) 961-0186
FAX: (713) 961-3340
Jurisdiction: Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Texas
Korean Consulate General in Honolulu
2756 Pali Highway, Honolulu, Hawaii 96817
TEL: (808) 595-6109
FAX: (808) 595-3046
Jurisdiction: American Samoa, Hawaii
Korean Consulates in Australia
  Korean Embassy in Australia
113 Empire Circuit, Yarralumia, Canberra A.C.T., 2600, Australia
TEL: (61) 2-6273-3044, 6270-4100
Korean Consulate General in New South Wales
Level 13, St James Centre 111 Elizabeth Street, Sydney NSW 2000
TEL: (02) 9210-0201
FAX: (02) 9210-0202
Jurisdiction throughout Australia and Australian Territories with the exception of Australian Capital Territory, South Australia, Western Australia, Tasmania and Victoria.
Korean Consulate General in Sydney
United Overseas Bank Building, Level 8, 32 Martin Place, Sydney NSW 2000 , AustraliaG.P.O. Box 1601, Sydney NSW 2001, Australia
TEL: (61) 2-9210-0200
FAX: (61) 2-9210-0202
Consulate of the Republic of Korea in Tasmania
30 Burnett Street, North Hobart TAS 7000
TEL: (03) 6236-3602
FAX: (03) 6231-1278
Korean Consulates in Canada
  Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Ottawa
150 Boteler Street, Ottawa, Ontario, K1N 5A6
TEL: (613) 244-5010
FAX: (613) 244-5043
Jurisdiction: Ottawa and its metropolitan area
Korean Consulate General in Montreal
1 Place Ville-Marie, Suite 2015 Montreal, Quebec, H3B 2C4
TEL: (514) 845-2555
FAX: (514) 845-1119
Jurisdiction: Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island
Korean Consulate General in Toronto
555 Avenue Road, Toronto, Ontario, M4V 2J7
TEL: (416) 920-3809
FAX: (416) 924-7305
Jurisdiction: Ontario and Manitoba (Except for Ottawa metropolitan area)
Korean Consulates General in Vancouver
1600-1090 West Georgia St., Vancouver, British Columbia, V6E 3V7
TEL: (604) 681-9581
FAX: (604) 681-4864
Jurisdiction: British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Yukon Territories, Northwest Territories
Korean Consulates in China
  Korean Embassy in Beijing
No 3, 4th Avenue, East San Li Tun, Chaoyang District, Beijing
TEL: +85 10 6532 0290
Korean Consulate General in Hong Kong
5/F, Far East Finance Centre, 15 Harcourt Road, Admiralty, Hong Kong
TEL: +85 2 2528 3666
Korean Consulate General in Shanghai
4th Floor Shanghai Int'l Trade Center, 2200 Yan An Road (W), Shanghai
TEL: +85 21 6219 6417
Korean Consulates in Ireland
  Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Dublin
15 Clyde Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4
TEL: (353) 1-660-8800
FAX: (353) 1-660-8716
Korean Consulates in Japan
  Korean Embassy in Japan
Embassy of the Republic of Korea, 1-2-5, Minami-Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
TEL: (81) 3-3452-7611
FAX: (81) 3-5476-3212
Osaka Korean Embassy
2-3-4 Nishishinsaibashi, Chuoku Osakashi, 542 0086,
TEL: (81) 6-6213-1401/5
FAX: (81) 6-6213-0151
Fukuoka Korean Embassy
Fukuoka 1-1-3 Chuo-Ku Fukuokas Jigyohama 810 0065
TEL: (81) 92-771-0461/3
Consulate-General of the Republic of Korea in Sapporo
9-1, Kita 3 Nishi 21, Chuo-ku, Sapporo City 064 0823
TEL: (81) 11-621-0288
Consulate-General of the Republic of Korea in Sendai
5-5-22, Kamisugi, Aoba-ku, Sendai City 980 0011
TEL: (81) 22-221-2751
Consulate-General of the Republic of Korea in Yokohama
118, Yamate-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama 231 0862
TEL: (81) 45-621-4531/4533
Consulate-General of the Republic of Korea in Nagoya
1-19-12, Meieki-Minami, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya City 450 0003
TEL: (81) 52-586-9221/9226
Consulate-General of the Republic of Korea in Niigata
2-1-13, Hakusanura, Niigata City 951 8131
TEL: (81) 25-230-3411/3400
Consulate-General of the Republic of Korea in Hiroshima
5-12, Teppo-cho, Naka-ku, Hiroshima City 730 0017
TEL: (81) 82-502-1151/1152

Korean Consulates in New Zealand
  Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Wellington
11th Floor ASB Bank Tower Building, 2 Hunter St. Wellington, NZ6034,
TEL: (64) 4-473-9073/4
FAX: (64) 4-472-3865
Consular Agency of The Republic of Korea in Auckland
10th FL 396 Queen St., Auckland, New Zealand
TEL: (64) 9-379-0818/0460
FAX: (64) 9-373-3340

Korean Consulates in South Africa
  Korean Embassy in Pretoria
Greenpark Estates, Block 3, 27 George Storrar Drive, Groenkloof 0181, P.O. Box 939, Groenkloof, 0027
TEL: 082-716-2098
FAX: 012-460-1158

Korean Consulates in the United Kingdom
  Korean Consulates in the United Kingdom
60 Buckingham Gate, London, United Kingdom, SW1E 6AJ
TEL: (44) 20 - 7227-5500
FAX: (44) 20 - 7227-5503