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EPIK (English Program in Korea / Public School All Over Korea Including Seoul Except Gyeonggi province)

EPIK is an organization who is charge of recruiting public school native English teacher in South Korea (except Gyeonggi province). If you are looking for a public school position other than  Suburb of Seoul - Gyeonggi province(such as SEOUL, BUSAN, DAEGU, INCHEON, GWANGJU, ULSAN...etc) you have to apply for EPIK program.

POE ( Province Office of Education)

Recruiting Schedule for 2019

1. Recruiting Schedule
- You can apply for anytime

2. Requirements for application
-A completed application form (including a passport size photo)
-A personal essay(minimum 300 words)
-Personal Self medical assessment

2) Formal Resume
3)Copy of passport photo page

3. Download Application form and Contract


4. How to apply
SEND e-mail to


Successful applicants will be required to conduct English conversation classes for Korean elementary and secondary school students in Seoul as part of the Korean government's aim to promote and strengthen English language education. A candidate should have strong sense of creativity, motivation, and enjoy working with young children as part of an academic team. Successful applicants are expected to focus on the development of oral communication skills using interactive teaching methods.


A: Duties
The duties are carried out under the guidance of the host Provincial Office of Education (POE).
To conduct English conversation classes for Korean teachers and students
To prepare teaching materials for English language education
To assist in developing teaching materials for English language education
To assist with activities related to English language education and other extracurricular activities
To assist Korean teachers with their English classes and/or jointly conduct English classes
To perform other duties as specified by the host POE

B: Place of Work
The POE will decide placements accordingly. Participants will work at primary and secondary     schools within the POE, but some may be designated to work at other educational facilities     within the POE system. Rejection of placement may result in disqualification from the program.

 * Applicants can apply through one the following offices:
- Consulates/Embassies of the following countries: Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, United Kingdom, United States.
- EPIK office in Seoul, Korea.
- Recruiting agencies under contract with EPIK office.
- Institute under agreement with EPIK office.



A. Basic Requirement

Applicants must:

 Hold a minimum of Bachelor's degree from an accredited university.

 Be a citizen from a country where the only official language is English. Canadian citizens from the Quebec Province where English is a co-official language must have been taught in English-language schools from junior high school forth to the university level.

*Ethnic Korean applicants with foreign citizenships or legal residencies must have been taught in English-language schools from junior high school forth and have lived abroad for minimum of 10 years. (If you are a male citizen of the Republic of Korea under the age of 35, you must have either completed mandatory military service or have received an official waiver.)

 Be fluent and proficient in the English language grammar and structure and be able to communicate fluently with clear and distinct pronunciation and manner.

 Be mentally and physically capable of performing the specified responsibilities and duties. Must also have the ability and willingness to adapt to Korean culture and living.

 Meet the criteria of eligibility for E2 (work) visa set forth by the Korean Immigration Authority.

B. Remuneration



Monthly Pay

Metropolitan City



· Two consecutive years as a Level 1
   within the same Provincial Office of Education

(2.5 million KRW)

(2.6-2.85 million KRW)


· 2 years of teaching experience with one of the following:
    - Master's degree
    - Teacher's/TEFL/TESOL/CELTA(100+hrs) Certificate
    - Major in Education, English Education or English
· Contract renewal as a Level 2+ at the same POE

(2.3 million KRW)



· Master's degree in any discipline, with Bachelor's in   Education, English Education or English   Language/Literature
· Master's degree in Education, English Education or
   English Language/Literature, with Bachelor's in any   discipline
· Contract renewal as a Level 2 at the same POE

(2.1 million KRW)

(2.2-2.45 million KRW)


· Must have one of the following:
    - Teacher's/TEFL/TESOL/CELTA(100+hrs) Certificate
    - Major in Education, English Education or
       English Language/Literature
    - Bachelor's degree plus 1 yr full-time teaching experience
· Master's degree in any discipline

(2.0 million KRW)

(2.1-2.35 million KRW)


· Bachelor's degree in any discipline

(1.8 million KRW)

(2.0-2.25 million KRW)


· Must have one of the following:  
- Associate degree
 - Completed 2 full years of university or college
- Associate degree or 2 full years of university or college in Korea with 10 years or more of education in a country where English is the primary language

(1.5 million KRW)

(1.6-1.7 million KRW)

* The amount of provincial pay varies depending on the location within the POE and the number of schools taught at.
* US dollar equivalent is subject to change depending on current exchange rate.

C. Contract term and other conditions

The term of the contract is for 52 weeks (one year).

Native English Teacher shall work 8 hours per day, 5 calendar days per week excluding Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays (approx. 14 days) of the Republic of Korea. The work hours of Native English Teacher may follow the normal work schedule of Korean teachers.

Actual class instruction hours of Native English Teacher shall not exceed 22 hours per week.
(If exceeded, Native English Teacher will be entitled a supplementary class instruction pay).
The person in charge of the work place may require Native English Teacher to work overtime in addition to normal workdays and work hours. In this case, overtime pay will be provided.

If Native English Teacher should desire to resign and thereby terminate the contract, he/she must
give EPIK a one-month prior written notice of resignation and will not be able to have or seek
employment in other institutes. (Letter of release will not be provided.)

4. Benefits

A. Settlement Allowance - 300,000 KRW (one-time payment)

   All EPIK GETs, regardless of level, will be provided with a settlement allowance of 300,000 KRW in the   first month of their first contract.

B. Free Furnished Housing Provided - Single studio-type housing   

   Free furnished housing or a rent subsidy will be provided by the host POE.  
   A leased house/apartment/studio-type room as well as basic household goods will be provided by the   host POE. Basic household goods include: a bed, a table and chairs, a wardrobe, a gas stove, a   refrigerator, a washing machine, a microwave oven, and a TV set.  
   Utilities are not provided for and are the responsibility of the EPIK GET.
   Due to variations in housing costs in different regions of Korea, the size and location of the supplied   housing can vary from POE to POE.
   If housing is unavailable, a monthly rent subsidy of 300,000 KRW will be provided in lieu of free f   furnished housing.

 C. Severance Pay - Equal to approximately one month's salary/year

   All EPIK GETs, regardless of level, who successfully complete a one-year contract will be entitled to   receive severance pay. Severance pay is equal to approximately one month's salary.

 D. Airfare Reimbursement - One-way to Korea and One-way from Korea

   During the 10-day orientation, all EPIK GETs, regardless of level, will be provided with reimbursement for   the cost of direct, one-way, economy-class airfare from their place of permanent residence to Korea.
   Reimbursement for return travel to their place of permanent residence is provided by way of a lump-sum   payment upon successful completion of the contract.
   Before the end of the 10-day orientation, the cost of airfare from your place of permanent residence to   Korea will be reimbursed by the EPIK office. To be eligible for an airfare reimbursement during   orientation, the following items must be submitted: the passenger's copy of your original flight ticket,   the original purchase receipt from your travel agent or provider, and your original boarding pass(es).
   To prevent early termination of contracts, incoming airfare reimbursement is issued in the form of a loan   from the employer to the EPIK GET.
   KRW 1,300,000 will be paid to all candiates for airfaire regardless where they flight from and even applicants who is currently in South Korea
   In the event that the contract is terminated with six (6) months of its implementation, including renewal   contracts, regardless of course or grounds, the EPIK GET will repay the above-mentioned loan to the   EPIK office immediately

E. Tax Exemption - 2 years of income tax exemption (except Canadians)

   With the exception of Canadians, all EPIK GETs, regardless of GET level, are exempt from paying Korean   Income tax for the first two years of their employment in Korea.
   To be eligible for this tax exemption, you must submit official proof of residency in the form of Residency   Certification from the relevant jurisdictional tax office of your country of permanent residence. This   document must be submitted to the supervisor of your POE within one month of your arrival in Korea.
   If you have previously worked for more than two years in Korea, you are ineligible for this income tax   exemption.
   Income tax exemption can be an exceptional benefit since, for example, in the USA, single persons with   no dependents may need to pay one-third of their income as tax.
   As there is no tax treaty between Canada and Korea, Canadian EPIK GETs will be taxed between 2 and   4 percent on their Korean income depending on their EPIK GET level.

 F. Compulsory Medical Insurance - 50% of your premiums paid by your employer

   Pursuant to the National Medical Insurance Act, 50% of your medical insurance premiums will be paid by   your host POE. Current medical insurance premiums total approximately 4.31% of your salary and are   payable monthly. Half of this amount, about 2.1%, will be paid by your host POE, with the remaining   amount being deducted from your monthly salary. This medical insurance will allow you to receive   medical attention and prescription medicines at a fraction of their original cost. In the event that EPIK   GETs have dependents living with them in Korea, their host POE will continue to pay 50% of their   medical insurance premiums for both the GET and his/her dependents.

 G.National Pension Scheme - 50% of your compulsory contributions paid by your employer

  (1) National Pension Scheme
  Pursuant to the Korean National Pension Corporation Act, 50% of your compulsory pension contributions   will be paid by your host POE.

   Current compulsory pension contributions total approximately 9% of your salary and are payable   monthly. Half of this amount, about 4.5%, will be paid by your host POE, with the remaining amount   being deducted from your monthly salary.

   (2) National Pension Scheme Refunds

   At present, only EPIK GETs holding American or Canadian citizenship are eligible for a lump-sum pension   refund upon successfully completing their contract and departing Korea. Information and documentation   to apply for this refund can be found on the Korean National Pension Service website.

   EPIK GETs from countries other than the USA and Canada are only entitled to receive pension benefits in   the case of retirement or tragedy. More information about pension benefits and refunds can be found on   the Korean National Pension Service.

 H. 10-day EPIK Orientation - An excellent transition and networking opportunity

   All EPIK GETs, regardless of level, will receive orientation and training related to living and teaching in   Korea by way of a 10-day orientation program. During this orientation, EPIK GETs will be exposed to   various subject areas and activities.

   The 10-day orientation is conducted by the Center for In-service Education at the orientation place prior   to your ontract start date.
   The orientation period is not included in the term of employment and as such is unpaid.
   Orientation is mandatory for all EPIK GETs. If you are not present at orientation, you will not be eligible   for employment.
   Transportation from Incheon International Airport to the orientation site at the orientation place will be   provided free of charge.
   Upon the successful completion of orientation, transportation from the orientation site at the orientation   place to each EPIK GETs respective POE will be provided free of charge.