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- GEPIK (Gyeonggi English Program in Korea / SUBURB OF SEOUL)

GEPIK is the place where you have to apply if you want to have public school job in Gyeonggi Province (sattelite cities). Seoul Metro system expanded to all Gyeonggi-do (satellite cities) so you will find no difference to working in Gyeonggi because most of cities in Gyeonggi-do linke to other satelite cities. Also you might looking for quiet place than Metropolitan setting because Seoul is just like other interntional cities such as New York or Paris.



Recruiting Schedule for 2019

1. Recruiting Schedule
You can apply for anytime

2. Requirements for application
- A completed application form (including a passport size photo)
- A personal essay(minimum 300 words)
- Personal medical assessment

2)Formal Resume
3)Copy of passport photo page

3. Download Application form and Contract

4. How to apply
SEND e-mail to  


1. Job Description

Primarily, GEPIK teachers are required to conduct beginner to intermediate English classes at an assigned Gyeonggi school with a Korean co-teacher as a team. The GEPIK teachers are required to teach 22 classes (varying from 40 mins to 50mins) per week. There are other various extra curricular programs schools run such as English Day Camp, English Speech contest and quite often, English classes for the fellow Korean teachers.

2. Eligibility

Applicants must be a graduate of a nationally accredited tertiary institution with a full Bachelor's Degree and a native citizen of one of the seven major English speaking countries: Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK, Ireland, US, and South Africa.

Overseas Koreans' without the foreign citizenship can also apply and must have at least 10 years of residence history including min. 3 years of secondary schooling as well as an university degree obtained from the above-mentioned country of residence.

3. Remuneration

Monthly salary ranges from 2 mill. KRW to 2.3mill. KRW (about US$2000 to US$2300) depending upon qualifications
and experiences. Payday is on the 25th day of each month.

Pay Category

Monthly Salary


Category 1


2 300 000 KRW per month

Category 1-A

-Elementary, Middle, or Secondary school TEACHER's CERTIFICATE

-Minimum two years' of full-time English teaching experience at accredited teaching institution(s)                                          

  Category 1-B

-Master's Degree

-Minimum two years of full-time English teaching experience at accredited institution(s)

Category 1-C

-TESOL, TEFL or CELTA certificate comprised of a minimum of 100 course hours

-Minimum two years of full-time English teaching experience at accredited institution(s)

Category 1-D

-Bachelor's degree in Education

-Minimum two years of full time English teaching experience at accredited institution(s)

Category 2



2 100 000 KRW per month


Category 2-A

-Elementary, Middle, or Secondary School Teacher's Certificate

Category 2-B

-TESOL, TEFL or CELTA certificate comprised of a min. of 100 course hours

Category 2-C

-Master's Degree or Graduate Diploma

    (Program must be a minimum of 2 years in duration)

Category 2-D

-Minimum one year of full time English   teaching experience at accredited institution(s)

Category 2-E

-Bachelor's degree with a major in Education

    (Education major must be clearly stated on either the diploma certificate or official transcript.)

Category 3

2 000 000 KRW per month

-Bachelor's degree*

-No other certificates or experiences outlined in   Categories 1 or 2


*This is the minimum entry requirement into GEPIK  

 The one-time settlement allowance of 400,000 KRW (about US$300) is also provided within the first
two weeks of arrival,
usually the airfare reimbursement following shortly after within a month also.
Upon successful completion of each 1 year contract,GEPIK teachers are rewarded with one month's salary
as a
severance payment in accordance with the Labor Standards Act of Korea.

4. Contract Term And Other Conditions

The contract term is for ONE YEAR (365 calendar days). The contract is renewable after completion. GEPIK teachers work approximately 8 hours per day, 5 days per week from Monday to Friday. Actual class instruction hours usually do not exceed 22 hours per week although it depends on the size of the school. If or when exceeded, teachers receive a supplementary class instruction pay of 20,000 KRW per hour (about US$20).

5. Benefit

  1. Accommodation
    GEPIK offers a furnished housing including kitchenware, a washing machine, a refrigerator, a TV set, etc. Any and all fees, charges, costs, taxes, expenses, etc. incurred while using the facility however will be borne by the teacher
  2. Airfare
    GEPIK teacher's flights to and from Korea are reimbursed by the school upon arrival and departure respectively. If the teacher renews the contract for another year, he/she will be entitled to a 2 week (incl. weekend) Home Leave vacation, and the airfare for this vacation is reimbursed upon return

  3. Paid Vacation
    GEPIK offers 20 working days' vacation per year which should be used during school vacation periods usually in the months of July-August and/or January-February. Teachers do not work during weekends and the Korean National Holidays.

  4. Other Deductions
    -Tax: The 1st two years of employment in Korea is TAX FREE (with exception of Canadian citizens) Tax is nominal in Korea, which is only about 3% of yearly earnings.

    -Pension Fund: 9% of monthly salary goes to Korean national pension fund in which teacher's contribution is 4.5% whereby another 4.5% is paid by school. Citizens from the U.S and Canada may reclaim this pension payment with premiums at the end of their contract. South African teachers are exempted from the Pension fund.
    More information is available from the National Pension Service website

    - National Health Insurance: About 2.4 % of teacher's monthly salary is deducted whereby another 2.4% is paid by school.
    More information is available from the National Health Insurance Corporation website